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Feb. 4th, 2008



yar, don't mind the relative emptyness of this community, the only reason is because we usually rp on aim because its just the three of us. we're kind, we understand, and no squidward does not suck eggs. erm... grandma needs to start watching her stupid soap operas again.

feel free to join, we dont bite. hard. well sometimes we nibble.


thank you thank you, i know its clear how much work i put into this >.>

oh and by the way i have a bone to pick with jain for turning me into a baby. Jain is a kind and wonderful person. ^.^


Dec. 1st, 2007

GOPCGR does not approve.


Mini RPG

TAG: anyone

::The scene is a festive carnival somewhere in Hyrule. It is close to midnight, with a full moon overhead. Everyone is dressed in festive clothes, and there are many vendors selling traditional food, souveneirs, games, etc. It's basically very Japanese carnival-esque, but with...well, Hylians and Zora and everything else.::

Reggie: *comes over slowly to his friends. He looks happy to see them at first, but becomes shy* I'm...glad you could come...=3...
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GOPCGR does not approve.


Fundamental FAQ

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Nov. 21st, 2006

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PostSecret - PostCards

Card 1 - ::This card has a picture of a girl, but it's her back and you can't tell who she is. She's standing on a beach. Beside her is written: "I will never stop loving her" in cut-out words from magazines and newspapers like in a 'ransom note'::

Card 2 - ::This one is a graveyard drawing, with someone standing near a grave in the rain. Simple, small handwriting says: "I never cried over her death."::

Card 3 - ::This one is completely black except for a few block words in the middle: "I'm afraid"::

Card 4 - ::This one looks like a watercolor painting, blue and green, with the words written in cursive handwriting: "killed a man just a watch him die......and it felt so good..."::

Card 1 - ::This one is all gray, colorless, but in the center there is one big eye and in the pupil it says 'i wish i could say i was afraid.'::

Oct. 13th, 2006

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Mini RPG Numero Uno!

TAG: anybody

It begins just outside of the city, in a grassy field where Lai is spreading out what looks like a picnic. She is giggling and chatting to a cloaked figure leaning against the tree. Every so often she will twist her hair around her fingers and look around, as if expecting people. (Which she is.)
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Sep. 23rd, 2006

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Character List

Character list for the RPG/Comic. When an important character comes, update! ^o^

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